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Tour of the Baltic countries

       The three Baltic countries in one tour.  Baltic countries  include Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania. Indulge in  a slow, full of bliss rest on the sand dunes of the Baltic Sea amber beaches, a medieval aura of cozy towns, excellent European service and as always  Baltic goodwill! Get acquainted  with the most amazing cultural cities and ancient sites in Europe without the language barrier - because these countries were once part of the Soviet Union.

There  are  2 versions of  Baltic   trip:
.1. More>>        2. More>>



JAPAN Sakura blossom and Momidze maples

   Only in our tour    4 nights stay  in Tokyo and 3 nights in Kyoto - Tokyo, Nikko, Fuji, Kamakura, Yokohama, Kyoto, Udzu, Nara, Osaka •  Nikko preserve •  humanoid robot Asimo show • Ascent  to 5th level of Fujiyama • Japanese village SAIKO IYASHI -   Museum of semiprecious stones Eigado • Familiarity with Japanese cuisine • Tea ceremony in the ancient city of Uji • A colorful   kimono show  in   textile center of Kyoto • Walk around the geisha district Gion  in Kyoto ... . more


To Europe for health and beauty
Slovenia - Croatia

       We offer you a  sightseeing and wellness program that includes visits to two thermal spas in Slovenia: Rogaska Slatina and Portoroz. During  just one day you can visit the alpine lakes ,  swim in the Adriatic Sea,  visit thermal and mineral springs (included in tour price). Interesting monuments of the Middle Ages - the best in the Balkans. Beautiful scenery!

  more >>  



   This is a wonderful general tour of Ireland, Scotland and England. You will plunge into the world of ancient legends and fairy-tale castles, get acquainted with the amazing nature, visit the most interesting and mysterious corners of the British Isles. Each country is unique and distinctive. Includes  Windsor Castle and Leeds Castle visits, a taste of an English education at Oxford,  the history of the Stuart clan, and more.

more >>  


Pearls of France from Paris to the Cote d'Azur

     Multifaceted Paris, welcoming Toulouse, charming Bordeaux,  hospitable Carcassonne, cozy Avignon   will show you all the delights of the charming south of France. We invite you to dive into the amazing atmosphere of French history and culture. Cities in the south of France with their unique charm are not all like each other, and each reveals some new dimension  of this amazing country. ...

    more  >>  






Peru's popularity as a tourist destination is due to its wonders and mysteries - the legacy of ancient civilizations. Even the most experienced travelers stand still in amazement while looking at multi-ton monoliths in the temples of Machu Picchu, or wonder about the origin of geometrically correct  Nazca figures.  Peru also boasts a rich ecosystem: The Amazon delta is inhabited by one-third of all known species. Also Peru is rich in ancient towns with a mysterious Indian buildings, the "green hell" virgin jungle, the deepest canyon in the world ,and the  high-altitude lake Titicaca..Tour program >>  Many  faces of eru    Tour program >>  Mysterious Peru



Чили, Аргентина, Уругвай

  «КРАСОТЫ ЮЖНОЙ АМЕРИКИ С ОТДЫХОМ НА ПЛЯЖЕ»    с 23 февраля - 5 марта, 2017  ПРЕДЛАГАЕТ УНИКАЛЬНЫЕ ВСТРЕЧИ: с «Городом у Подножия Анд» - САНТЬЯГО-ДЕ-ЧИЛИ! с «Королевой Танго» - БУЭНОС-АЙРЕСОМ! с «Большой Столицей Маленькой Страны» - МОНТЕВИДЕО! с «Гламурными Пляжами» - ПУНТА-ДЕЛЬ-ЭСТЕ!        Сантьяго де Чили, Буэнос-Айрес, Колония, Монтевидео, Пунта-Дель-Эсте....





  ISRAEL! Your participation in the Tour-Mission "SUPPORT ISRAEL" will be the best support of Israel. The most interesting and informative tour, the best Russian speaking guides in Israel. This program has succesfully  run more than 10 years Go to the promised land.     Tour Program!




  No country in the world is evolving so quickly today, is not updated as rapidly as China. Therefore Glavs Travel offers a new tour to China! As this trip for a great  China, you'll see different  places, such as the terracotta army, Beijing, Olympic Stadium, Shanghai, and of course the ancient Great Wall - one of the 7 wonders of the world. Gala - Dinner in Shanghai  at the end of  the tour . Tour Program "New China"!


 We invite you to the fascinating journey through Europe, Asia, Australia, America and Africa. To view our Russian tours, you can select the country (on the left or above) or a specific Tour (right) and look at his itinerary. Order the tour can be done directly on the site by clicking "Order tour" in the description of each tour. You can also contact our agents. We recommend to buy insurance.
We wish you a pleasant journey!



Italy inspires and makes you forget about  other  countries you may have seen. Lovely Rome, Venice and Florence are gorgeous, unforgettable Milan, Naples, and  Pompeii, Pisa is wonderfully  original ... Many tourists wishing to explore the ancient country, and often visit these exact places. You can visit with Glavs Travel!!     Tour programs


Внимание! Объявленные программы туров носят рекламный характер и уточняются на каждую дату отправления тура. Обязательно с собой иметь паспорта (годность мин 6 месяцев до момента окончания путешествия) с визами по всему маршруту. Рекомендуем приобретать страховки. Пожалуйста ознакомьтесь с "Условиями и Правилами" нашей компании.