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     NEW YEAR 2017    The more  fun you have  at the party  the greater  your year will be! See the New Year  at the famous Villa Roma resort  in the Catskills. This is one of the top 10 family resorts  in America. Enjoy live music, a professional jazz band, Gipsy  and Oriental  dance  melodies. The program includes  a children's morning show. The resort provides a ski slope, ski lift, and a skating rink. Many pleasent  surprises await as well!     http://www.resortsandlodges.com/top-10/2010-07-01/top-10-new-york-family-resorts/   

   For more detailed tour program please switch  over  to RUSSIAN  VERSION



Direct flights  from NYC, Miami and LA  to Moscow using  our comfortable B-777 -300ER and A330-300. Take advantage of  "comfort" class - a new class of service positioned between  economy and business . Convenient connections to major cities in Russia , Ukraine  and other  countries of the CIS.  Our Aeroflot  fares cannot be beaten    Order  on-line or through  our agents 212-290-3300 , 718.615-1010.



          Mexico  City  - Puebla- Teotihuacan - Cuernavaca - Taxco - Acapulco A very Interesting tour, which lets one get to know   the main attractions of Mexico together with  relaxation on the ocean in Acapulco.Tour program >>  

Discovery of America and New York. Tours to USA

Нью-Йорк.  Таймс-скверGroup or individual tours of New York are held daily. New York attracts  strong  and  active  people  unlimited possibilities for success and wealth. And, of course, tourists from all over the world.  During      the   tour  of   New York tourists to learn about attractions: Batteri ParkBroadway -  Wall Street  -            the  UN -  5 th Avenue - Times Square  More>>


Tour program >>   Special tour to Italy

 Tour program >>   Scandinavian saga

 Tour program >>   London - Paris


                                               Tour program >>  French   Riviera,Provence and Switzerland

New! Travel to China! Tour " New China"!

No country in the world is evolving so quickly today, is not updated as rapidly as China.  Therefore Glavs Travel  offers a   tour to  New China!   You'll see different  places, such as the  Terracotta army in Xian ,  Beijing, Suzhou, Hangzhou ,     Shanghai  and of course the ancient Great Wall - one of the 7 wonders of the world. Gala- dinner  in Shanghai  at  the end of  the tour !  Tour Program "New China"!

 ISRAEL! Your participation in the Tour-Mission "SUPPORT ISRAEL" will be the best support of Israel. The most interesting and informative tour, the best Russian speaking guides in Israel. This program has succesfully run more than 20 years  Go to the promised land ! 

 Tour Program!


LONDON - PARIS, tour to England, tour to France

Tour "London - Paris" - a wonderful Europe that can show you a wonderful guide Irina Gazaryan.  From England to France you are transported for three hours under the English Channel on super express «Eurostar» . Loire valley beautiful excursion  included. Tour Program "London - Paris"

Greece and Santorini island

One of the few places in the world, praised by ancient writers, poets and sculptors, sun drenched Greece offers its hospitality, and invites one to experience the atmosphere of sunny fun, try the gorgeous treats and wonderful wines. Choosing a holiday on Santorini, one realizes that this is not just another beautiful island, but one of the great treasures of Greece and unique creation of nature. Extra 3 days in Istanbul ( Turkey )Tour program >>