Resort & SPA Budapest, Hungary 
Resort & SPA Dead Sea, Israel
Resort & SPA Druskinenkay, Lithuania
Resort & SPA Golden Sands, Bulgaria
Resort & SPA Jurmala, Latvia
Resort & SPA Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad), CZECH  
Resort & SPA Marianske Lazne
Resort & SPA Truskavets, Ukraine
Resort Montekatini Therme, Italy
Resort&SPA Lake Heviz, Hungary 


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MARIANSKE LAZNE is a world-known spa town, the second biggest in the Czech Republic. The town has 40 mineral springs, the best-known is Rudolf's spring. The town is situated in a wooded valley at an average altitude of 630m and it overflows with natural healing sources. 40 mineral water springs rise within a relatively small area and more than one hundred of them in the vicinity of the town. Indication: Diabetes, obesity, allergies, chronic bronchitis and other diseases of the respiratory tract, asthma, scoliosis and other problems of the loco motor apparatus, kidney and urethral problems and others.
Spa treatment: Drinking local mineral water, special diet, inhalation, electrotherapy, carbonated baths, paraffin therapy, gas injections, mud wrappings, hydrotherapy, etc.

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