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Tours in USA and Canada:


Glavs Travel (Global Aviation Services & Travel) in the business 25 years. The company is located in two offices - in Manhattan (home office) and Brooklyn (branch office). Both offices officially accredited in the United States and are listed in the "ARC, Agency List Directory USA"  ID 33 63084-4 H and  B 33 66973-1.

Glavs Travel provides its clients a full range of tourist services:

 -      bus tours in the US and Canada (in Russian),
 -      international tours to Europe, Asia, Australia, Israel and South America;
 -      air tickets for all airlines of the world,
 -      hotels,  
 -      cruises,
 -      tour-packages to Caribbean Islands and Mexico,
 -      tours the world in English;
 -      SPA and Resorts - Carlsbad, Truskavets, Jurmala, Druskinenkay, Bulgaria, Hungary, Dominican ... ,

 -      related services (visas and insurance).

Through many years of experience and communication in the aviation and tourism business, the company has exclusive contracts with several airlines and tour operators, which is able to provide certaina discounts and benefits to its customers.

Company Glavs Travel is accredited by the most important organisation for the aviation and tourism business - IATAN (international accreditation), ARC (accreditation in the United States). Accreditation means the line is not only gualified but also the financial guarantees, which provide a guarantee for customers. 

The company fully equipped with the most powefull in the world of the reservation system SABRE. Due to such technical equipment agency actively sells all flights in the United States, CIS and transatlantic flights, creating convenience for passangers through flights and connections. Meanwhile, all kinds of tickets are issued directly to the office. 

The company drew attention to the development of bus-tours and the personal service of its customers. 

The high qualification of empoyees, experience and preserve the best traditions in tourism distinguished style of work Glavs Travel.

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