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tours to Czechia
 Capital Prague

Czechia is locaited in the Central  Europe, bordered by Poland on the North, Slovakia on the East, Austria on the South, Germany on the West and North. Area - 30 450 sq. mi. 

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 Carrency Czech Krone (CZK). $1=18.46 CKZ (Janv 2010).
 Population 10.468 mln. (2008), Czech 94%, Slovak 3%
 Local time 6 hours ahead of New-York time
 Electrical Voltage

 230V, 50 Hz

 Visa reqierment

No visa   needed for US sitizens.

 National cuisine

Climate is moderated, transitional from the sea to the continental. Warm summer (July +67ºF) and cool moist winter (January from 32 to -23ºF). Sediments fall out 20-28" per year. Spring and autumn sufficiently warm, in the mountain regions the temperature are lower than in the plains, but not considerably, since mountainous areas are low. May, June and September - best months for the visit of the country, April and October - cheaper alternative, when weather is still sufficiently warm. For the visit of the mountain-skiing health resorts of the country most they be suitable January- February.


Traditional purchases in the Czech Republic: articles made of the glass, the cut glass (crystal), the porcelain, the ceramics, the skin, jewelry articles (Czech grenades), and also the craft articles. Experts acquire musical tools.  Time of operation of the majority of stores during the weekdays  from 9.00 to 18.00, on Saturdays to 12.00, Sunday s - closed. Many food stores begin work at 6 in the morning. A quantity of stores, which work in weekends, gradually increases. One of the best places for the purchase of souvenirs in Prague - department store “Kotva”, located on the street "Nna prikope". Famous Czech cut glass (crystal) it is better to buy not in the historical centers, but in the business part of the cities, where the prices in practically are not differed from plant. With the purchase it is better to preserve check in order to if necessary convince customs officers that you export not antiquariate. The following goods possess traditionally high quality: Czech cut glass  -crystal ( glasses, water bottles, vases, chandeliers, etc). Czech porcelain and faience (especially white and blue from Karovy Vary), and also painted ceramics. Czech pastes: necklace, bracelets, link and diadem (imitation of diamonds). Fashionable adornments can be purchased on The Karlov bridge in  Prague. Czech grenades in the mounting from gold and silver. CDs with the records of classical music of composers with the world name (like Dvorak, Smetana, Yanachek.  In the Czech Republic you will be able to find excellent leather gloves, bags, belts, purses. Different toys - for example, the wooden toys of cottage industry or tin soldiers. Dolls and marionette in the traditions of the Czech theater of marionettes. Much interesting it is possible to bring from the health resort Karlovi Vary. Specifically, here is produced famous Bekherovka - liqueur on the medicinal grasses. In Karlovs pitches you will be able to purchase to the memory very unique souvenir - the hardened rose. Rosa they place into the mineral source, until it is impregnated with salts and it becomes brown and that thickened.