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tours to Latvia
 Capital Riga

Latvia is located in the Northeastern Europe, bordered by Estonia on the North, Russia on the East, Belarus and Lithuania  on the West. Area - 24 938 sq. mi.

 Carrency Lat (LVL). 1LVL = $2.02(Jan 2010)
 Population 2.615 mln. (2009)
 Local time 7 hours ahead of New-York time
 Electrical Voltage


230 V, 50Hz

 Visa reqierment

No visa  needed for US sitizens. 

 National cuisine

Climate of Latvia is transitional from the sea to the continental. Summer in Latvia is warm, spring and autumn - sufficiently soft. Average temperatures are from +51 to 65°F. The winter, which lasts since November until March, can be completely cold, average temperatures - +33 to -23°F. Rains can go at any time year, but the rainiest month - August.  Nevertheless, the better time of the visit of Latvia since June until September.


Most frequently the tourists buy in Latvia articles made of the tree, ceramics also of amber, especially amber adornments, famous Riga balsam, chocolate candies of the known confectionery factory Of laima, cotton jersey.
Recovery VAT (18%) is possible with the condition of purchase in one store in the course of one day for the sum not less than 59 armor (including VAT) and obtaining of the check “ Tax  Free” from the salesman. In this case the acquired goods cannot be use in the territory of the country (factory packing it must be preserved), before obtaining of customs press on check. The indicated in the check goods it is necessary to export of the Latvia not later than three months from the day of formulation. Check is presented into the special cashbox “Cash  Refund” in the territory of the international airport of Riga, seaport or in the points of ground-based custom-house. The sum returned usually composes 12-15% of the cost of purchase. The press only is entered with the departure on the train into the check, and recovery VAT is achieved on the mail (by enumeration to the indicated calculation or by the dispatch of bank check).
Stores work usually on the weekdays from 10:00 to 19:00, on Saturdays - from 10:00 to 16:00, many product stores and supermarkets are opened twenty-four hour. Banks are usually opened into the weekdays from 9:00 to 16:00-16.30, some large banks work to 17:00-19:00, and also on Saturdays from 9:)) to 12:30.