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tours to Switzerland
 Capital Bern

Switzerland is located in the Central Europe, bordered by France on the West, Germany on the North, Liechtenstein and Austria on the East, Italy on the East. Area - 15 941 sq. mi.

 Carrency Switzerland Franc (CHF). $1=1.046 CHFr (Jan 2010)
 Population 7.32 mln. (2007)
 Local time 6 hours ahead of New-York time
 Electrical Voltage

230V, 50Hz

 Visa reqierment

No visa needed for US sitizens.

 National cuisine

Climate in Switzerland is moist, on the plateau - moderate- warm, in the mountains - cold. Daily temperatures in the low places on the average vary during the year from 50 to 60º F, in summer they rise to 80º F and more. Hottest month - July, coldest - January.
The highest apexes of the Alps are covered with eternal snows. Snow line rises to 8100 ft on the western slopes and to 9600 ft on east. In winter temperature descends below 32º F (0º C) in the entire territory of the country, with exception of the northern shore of Geneva lake and coasts of Lugano  and  Loga-Madzhore lakes, whose part belongs to Italy. Climate is there the same soft as in North Italy, since the mountains protect from the intrusion of cold northern winds. In January - February under the conditions of the predominance of high pressure above the Alps is established the clear cold weather, favorable for the occupations by winter sport. Southern slopes at this time obtain much solar heat.
In Switzerland the sharp high winds, which are accompanied by rains and snowfalls, are frequent. In spring, in summer and in autumn predominate foehns - warm dry winds, which blow from the east and the southeast. Since the flows of humid air from the side of the Mediterranean rise upward along the slopes of the Alps, and then they get down to the Swiss plateau, on the southern slopes of sediments it falls out almost doubly more than on north. Average annual amount of precipitation in Basel (830 ft above sea level) - 32", in Lozanne (25") on the northern shore of Geneva lake - 42", and in Davos (63") on the southeast of the country - 43".


It cannot be spoken about Switzerland as about the country for shopping. But - Swiss goods are undoubtedly the symbol of quality. Those of one of the products noteworthy - these are Swiss hours. In Switzerland the enormous variety of the wrist watch of excellent quality and most frequently in Switzerland they are cheaper than in other countries of peace. Bucherer - quite important and famous company for sale of hours in the country, which proposes the wide selection of the hours with cost from 50 to 100 000 Swiss francs.
One additional popular product of Swiss production - these are pocket knives, for example Swiss Army Knife from the company Wegner. The world famous brand is Victorinox, with the red knob with the white cross.  Smallest knives by thickness literally credit card, while the largest - “Swiss-Camp” - the eight-layer “complete” knife, which weighs around 0.5 pound.
Symbol of the country is cow, that is grazed on the excellent Alpine meadow,  nevertheless unique excellent with the view from the reality. With the picture of cow is connected the main Swiss souvenir - bells. Real “cow  bells” - are located in the form not souvenir tourist production, but bells made precisely for the carrying by cows, are sold in the hardware benches in the mountain towns together with any utensils. Bells can be the traditional form (as a rule these more expensive) or by the oval tin (usually cheaper). Are distinguished bells and by size - smallest for the sheep and the goats, a little more for the calves and the largest for the cows. Other souvenirs, which convey from Switzerland - these are musical boxes, distribution from the tree, ceramics and other objects of different crafts, and also antiquariate and the book on the skill.
But the greatest mass souvenir “Mde in Switzerland” is chocolate. Chocolate in Switzerland exists in the tiles of any size, form and most diverse types. The chocolate of  Lindt company has long ago been considered and as the deservedly best in the world. But still you will be able to acquire textile, embroidry, handkerchiefs, bed linen, precision instruments…