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tours to Greece
 Capital Athens

Greece is located  on Balkan peninsula, bordered by Albania, Macedonia, and Bulgaria on the North, Turkey  on the East. Area 51 000 sq. mi.

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 Carrency Euro = 100 cents. 1 Euro = $1.44 (Jan 2010)
 Population 10.67 mln. (2007), Greek 98.5%
 Local time 7 hours ahead of New-York time
 Electrical Voltage

230V, 50Hz

 Visa reqierment

No visa   needed  for US citizens.

 National cuisine

Climate is subtropical Mediterranean. Summer is dry and hot, temperature in July - August +78-82ºF (frequently it rises to +100-110ºF). The beginning of summer refreshes by trade winds (“meltemya]), the droughts are in August frequent. Winter is soft (January  +23-55º F) and is relatively rainy. Lower than 32º F (0ºC) temperature descend only in the mountains, at the height more than 2100-2500 ft. Sediments it falls out from 16-28" per year in the plains, to 60" in the mountains, in essence in the autumn-winter period. Better time for the visit of the country - March - the middle of May, or the middle of October - December, in the summer time are better to rest on the islands


Greece is famous by its furs, intricate adornments, articles made of the skin, the ceramics. Greek leather foot-wear is inexpensive and is high-quality. All goods, local productions are cheaper than imported.
Greek wines, almonds, pistachio, eastern sweetnesses, craft  articles are outstanding souvenirs for the house. It is more advantageous to buy them in small shops on the Plake, and also in the large specialized souvenir stores.
In Greece there is an enormous quantity of stores both the large supermarkets and small shops. It is possible to purchase everything which is necessary. If we speak about the savings, then to more cheaply buy goods with the reductions. You will also focus attention on the network of the stores of "300  drachmas shop". But in the small shops do not forget to bargain itself with the owner, possibly for the Russian speakers it are special reductions. Also one should deal on the markets, where souvenirs and craft articles sell. This most famous market “Monastyraki” is in the center of Athens.
In Greece it is profitable to buy goods of the local production: souvenirs, craft  and fur articles, and other. The time of operation of stores not equally, as a rule, they are closed during the siesta, on the weeends and holidays. Usually trade goes from 9.00 to 14.00 and continues from 17.30 to 20.30.
What it is possible to purchase in Athens? Everything, for any taste. For the amateurs of traditional national articles (woven bags, the copy of antique sculptures and ceramic parts, icon, the miniature figurines of Greek infantrymen, adornment e national style, etc) it is worthwhile to go to Monastiraki] We advise to purchase the products traditional for Greece: pistachio,  greek coffee, alcoholic beverages (bonds, cognac, tsipuro, fault, beer), olives,  olive oil, spice and diverse grassy tea.
The large selection of the clothing of local production on the prices is considerably lower than in Europe: article made of the skin (in the shoe stores you you will find goods from Dior, Kelian, Jourden and other well-known firms for low prices). We advise to also focus attention on articles made of the skin - foot-wear and bag - Greek production. Most popular place for such purchases - Ermu street  in the area of  Syntagma square. Expensive stores are located around the Kolonaki square  In the stores, located between the central commercial blocks and the outskirts of city, you will find the wide selection of the articles of young Greek modellers from the sufficiently low prices. It is important to note that the period of winter sales is passed in February - March, and summer - in August - September. This is the pleasant possibility to make advantageous purchases. Furthermore, it occurs, that the stores for one or other reason or another are shut or cross into another place and sell off entire available hand goods on the decreased prices.