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tours to Panama
 Capital Panama

Panama is located in Central America, bordered by Costa Rica on the West,  Colombia on the East. Area - 29 760 sq. mi.

 Carrency Balboa (PAB). $1=1,00 PAB (Jan 2010)
 Population 3.03 mln. (2007). 91% - панамцы, 5% - индийцы, 23- американцы
 Local time 1 hour ahead of New-York time
 Electrical Voltage

120V, 60Hz

 Visa reqierment

No visa  needed for US sitizens. 

 National cuisine

The climate of Panama is subequatorial, hot and moist - average monthly temperature the year round varies around the mark into +77-83ºF, moreover winter and summer temperatures are differed from each other not more than by 2-3 degrees. The temperature of water on the coast is approximately +75ºF the year round.
Sediments it falls out to 140" per year in the central regions, and to 80" on coasts. Relatively  dry season lasts since December - January to the middle of April, rainy - from the middle of April until December (maximum - since May until December). Rains are more intensive in the foothill regions of Caribbean coast, somewhat less than sediments falls out along the Pacific Ocean shore, where is concentrated the majority of the large populated areas. The hurricanes are frequent on Caribbean coast.


Purchases in Panama: electronics, clothing and cosmetic in the zone of duty-free trade in  Colon; molas - bright textiles with the applications of the manual work, typical for Kuhn's culture; distribution from the nut tagua (fruit of elephant palm) with the thread, the figurine of animals from the coco is nut, woven baskets from palm-tree leaves.