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tours to Costa Rica
 Capital San Jose

 Costa Rica is  located  in the Central America, bordered by Nicaragua on the North, Panama on the South. Area 19 575 sq. mi. 

 Carrency Colon(CRC). $1=557.1 (Jan 2010)
 Population 4 mln. (2007). Spanish descent -91% (white 80% ), Mestizo (from Jamaica) - 6%.
 Local time 2 hours after New york time
 Electrical Voltage

120V, 60Hz

 Visa reqierment

No visa   needed for US sitizens.

 National cuisine

Climate of Costa Rica - subequatorial. In the plateau the everage temperature during the entire year is held at the level of +73ºF, in the mountain regions it can descend to +50ºF (in the winter period they are possible night frost to -23º F). In the low places, on the coast of Caribbean sea and in the south of the Pacific coast, day temperature varies from +80 to +91ºF the year round. At night it is insignificantly cooler than in the daytime.
Sediments falls out much - from 40". per year on the Pacific coast, to 120-200" per year on the coast of Caribbean sea. On the basis of the rainfall distribution are separated the climatic zones of the country. On Caribbean coast and in the southern part of the Pacific Ocean shore the rains go almost constantly since May until November, with the maximum in the period since September until October, with the short dry period since December until April. In this case since May until August rains relatively a little.
In the central regions of the country it is considerably drier, and the nature of the falling out sediments strongly depends on wind direction. On the windward slopes of mountains it can fall out to 200" of sediments, but intermontane basins obtain not more than 60" rain per year. Northern part of the Pacific coast - driest part of the country, rains here go, in essence, in spring and in autumn. At any time the years of night are usually cloudless, and rain as according to the timetable, it begins after dinner.
Better time for the visit of the country is period since December until April - July.


The most popular purchases in Costa Rica - goods made from the tropical trees: masks, dishes, vases, different boxes, the figurine of animals and others. Enjoy demand knitted jackets with the motives of wild nature, colored hammocks, adornments with the corals and the semiprecious stones, woven articles of the work of Indians, coffee products: from the coffee in the grains of high quality to the liqueurs. It is forbidden to buy articles made of the tortoise armor, furs of ocelot and jaguar, feathers of kettsalya, butterflies and corals.