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tours to India
 Capital Delhi

India is located in Southern Asia, bordered by  Pakistan on the West, China, Nepal, and Bhutan on the North, Burma and  Bangladesh on the East. Area 1 769 219 sq. mi. 

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 Carrency Rupee (INR) 1INR=$0.022 (Jan. 2010)
 Population 1049.7 mln. (2007). Indo-European 72%, Dravidian 25%, Mongoloid 3%
 Local time 10.5 hours ahead of New-York time
 Electrical Voltage

230V, 50Hz

 Visa reqierment

Visa  is required for US citizens ($73. Should be  2 clear  pages in Visas  part of Passport)

 National cuisine

There is monsoon climate  in India. 3 seasons: dry cold - since October until March (it is considered as the better time for the visit), dry hot - since April until June and moist hot - since July until September. Better time for the journey through India depends on place, where you be bound.
India - the enormous country: more than 1875 mi. from the north to the south and about 1250 mi. from the West to the east. Height above sea level varies from 0 to 25800 ft (Chogori on the north on the border with China - 26835 ft). Climate is respectively completely diverse. When in the Goa (on the coast of the Indian Ocean) beach season (November) only is opened, at the Himalayas already lies the snow. From other side, July - August, when it is very hot in the south of India and is moist, better time for the journey on Ladakhu (region, which lies in the Tibetan upland after the large Himalayan ridge). In the mountain regions the temperature of air and weather strongly depend on height above sea level.
In South and central India, it should be gone into the season since July until September (rains, moistly, heat - + 78-88ºF) and since October until March (drily, cool + 68-78ºF, poor season since March until June (very hotly, drily + 95-110ºF).


India is a real paradise for the buyers. Huge selection of handicraft articles, colorful cloths, objects of antiquariate.
Amazing carpets, silk, embroidry, precious stones, carved work on the marble and the ivory, leather articles, miniature figures on the silk, the papier-mache. Jewelry articles made of gold and silver, Bengalese terracotta, madkhubanian pictures, work on the skin, silk and cotton of giddy colors.
In Mumbai Goa region  should be bought fashionable clothing,  figured clothes, varnish articles, finished leather.
Are known in the entire world silk from Maysor and Kanchipurama, excellent carved work on the sandal or pink tree, filigree work on gold.  Fragrancies and spices are also very  popular.