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tours to Argentina
 Capital Buenos Aires

Argentina  is  located  in the Southern South America. Bordered  by Chile, on the West,  Bolivia and Paraguay on the North, Brazil and Uruguay on the  East. Area 1 070 000 sq. mi.

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 Carrency New argentinian peco (АРС)=100 centavos. 1AGS=$1=0.26(Jan 2010)
 Population About 35 mln. (2007). European descent 97%, Indian, Mestizo
 Local time 2 hours ahead of New-York time
 Electrical Voltage

220V, 50Hz

 Visa reqierment

No visa  needed for US citizens.

 National cuisine

Climate in Argentina differs from the subtropical on the north to the moist tropical in the center of the country and moderated in the south. The Andes regions are characterized by rainy weather and frequent floods into the summer season, strong heat, snow cover of mountain regions and by dry hot winds, which here are called “probe”. In the plains regions strong rains frequently go above the impervious moist forests and the savannas. A quantity of falling out sediments decreases from the east to the West. The mean temperature of January +40ºF, July from +68ºF to +72ºF. Sediments from 4-12'' in the West to 56-65'' per year in the east. In the winter season separate regions are subjected to drought, and in summer heat it can be simply intolerable.


The capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires, will propose to you to complete shopping on the stores, where sell exceptionally excellent, high-quality articles - leather goods, precious stones both the clothing of such nameplates as Gucci, Dior and, etc.
As the gifts usually buy woven rugs, souvenirs of couch roll, sheepskin, the fault, guitars, objects of skill, article of primitive trade, equipment for mate (beverage- tea from the special bushes) of the type of pumpkins and bombillas (metallic pipe with the filter in the base), and clothing made of the fur of vicuna (high-quality fur from a similar to lama essence). In Argentina you also can purchase the pair of trousers of couch roll - bombachas, or poncho.
In Buenos Aires the majority of high-class stores are placed along the streets Calle, Florida and Avenida Santa Fe, where you will be able to purchase leather clothing and foot-wear, or to order exclusive suit.
Time of operation of the stores: since Monday until Friday - 9:00 - 19:30, and on Saturday - 9:00 - 13:00. Time of operation of the banks: since Monday until Friday - 10:00 - 15:00.