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tours to Canada
 Capital Ottawa

 Canada is located in North America, bordered by the United States on the South and West. Area 3 851 809 sq. mi.

 Carrency Canadian dollar (CAD) = 100 cents. 1CAD=$0.97US (Jan 2010)
 Population 32 933 mln. (2007)
 Local time The same tim as in USA at all time zones
 Electrical Voltage

120V, 60 Hz

 Visa reqierment

No visa   needed for US citizens.

 National cuisine

Climate in the territory of Canada larger partly moderated and subarctic. Average temperatures of January vary from -30ºF on the north of the country to +40ºF in the south of the Pacific coast. Average temperatures of July - +70ºF in the south of the country and from 25ºF to +40ºF on the islands of Canadian Arctic archipelago. Behind the polar circle the temperature practically always lower than zero C. Sediments per year it falls out from 6" in the northern part to 50" on the Atlantic and 100" in the Pacifics coast. The frequent and sharp changes of atmospheric pressure is observed.


Stores in Canada are opened since Monday until Saturday from 10.00 to 18.00, but some department stores are shut in 21.00. On Thursdays the trade concludes more lately, on Fridays and Saturdays considerably earlier than the usual, on Sundays work only souvenir and some small stores.
For the newcomers into the country for the period s less half a year, There is extended program 8% of reductions. With the purchases in the stores it is necessary to preserve checks, after return home as the proof of departure from Canada the checks are sent away on the mail together with the filled special form.
All goods and services, including transport, arrangement, food in the restaurants, etc, and even newspapers, are assessed 7% tax. In addition to this, almost in the entire territory of Canada there are additional, regional taxes to the goods and the services. In many provinces the tax reaches up to 15%. Tips  may be usually 10 - 15% of the cost of the service.