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Tours in USA and Canada:


Air Tickets

All acquired airline tickets do not be subject to recovery, after [islyucheniem] specially stipulated under sale conditions. The additional charge  of 25 dollars is collected for any changes and recoveries plus the accepted in the airlines penalties. Therefore we imperatively recommend the acquiring of insurance to your journey. Penalty $35 in the case of "bad" bank check. With obtaining of tickets it is necessary to thoroughly verify them into all accompanying to them documents.


Or for the changes in it the payment in the size of 35 dollars is collected for the failure of the order from each person plus any accepted in the hotel penalties. With the failure of the acquired packets of services the money not return, with exception of the cases of those of specially stipulated. Therefore we imperatively recommend the acquisition of insurance to your journey. Penalty $35 in the case of "bad" bank check. Clients must thoroughly check the documents obtained by them, and also everything else, connected with their journey. 
Vacation and Cruises

Or for the changes in it the payment in the size of 35 dollars is collected for the failure of the order. from each person plus any penalties, accepted in the company, where you acquired cruise. With the failure of the acquired airline tickets and the packets of services the money not return, with exception of the cases of those of specially stipulated. Therefore we imperatively recommend the acquisition of insurance to your journey. Penalty $35 in the case of bad bank check. Clients must thoroughly check the documents obtained by them for the cruise, and also everything else, connected with their journey.



A TOURIST - is an individual, planning to use services of Glavs Travel.

A TOUROPERATOR - Glavs Travel company, renders tours, excursions and vacation for tourists within the US and Canada territory.

Glavs Travel strongly recommends that each tourist familiarize themselves with the terms and conditions of the "Corporate Policy of Touroperator" on the website (Russian), (English), or in the companies offices, before making any reservations to participate in any tours. Not familiarizing yourself with the contents of the Corporate Policy is not a valid reason for not abiding by it.

1. Tour Program

1.1. The programs of the tours are announced in websites. They contain general information about upcoming tours but are considered to be the preliminary programs due to the possibility of future changes resulting from factors that are beyond the control of Company (p.15, 20 and 33).

1.2. The tour announcements provide information on the overal length of the tour, the focus of the tour, its main geographical boundaries and the most interesting highlights of the tour.

1.3. Touroperator reserved the right to change of hotels, change the lenght of stay in certain areas or at certain attraction, listed in the program of the tour, and to change the plan for visiting certain areas and attractions, replacement of some attraction, without changing the overal length of the tour.

1.4. It is personal responsibility of every tourist to make an assessment of his (her) medical condition and physical capabilities prior to making a decision to purchase a tour. Proper level of health and physicall capability should be determined by the tourist himself/herself. It is the tourist's responsibility to make this assesment taking into consideration the temperature, humidity, etc. of geographical locations where the group would be visiting as described in the tour's itinerary.

1.5. Glavs Travel organizes and provides the following types of tours:

  A). Individual tours (private tours)

  B). Group tours

  C). Excursions.

 1.6. Programs for the individual and family tours are developed on case-by-case basis, talking into consideration individual needs and preferencies of every member of the group. Time, type of transportation, length of a tour, places area stops, class of hotels, level of service, type of food, etc is chosen based on these individual requirments as specified by the prospective participants in the individual or family tours.

1.7. The programs for group tours are developed in a way that allows for the availability of the tours for tourists with varying financial means. Therefore, the choice of the transportation and hotel class, level of service, food, cost of conducting tours, etc. is based on the necessity to make the tour financially possible for tourists with limited financial resources.

1.8. The participants of the tours must be aware of the fact that it is impossible to meet every individual, cultural and other requirment of every individual tour group member due to the spread and multitude of those requirments.

1.9. For tourists with the high level of personal and specific requirements Company strongly recommends participation in individual tours that allows for meeting all specific requirements of such individuals. These individuals should be aware of the fact that such tours would be priced accordingly (higher than the regular group tours).

2. Payments.

2.1. Client's partial or full payment to the Company is considered as client's agreement to follow the rules and regulations established by the Corporate Policy of Glavs Travel. Penalty $35 in the case of "bad" check.

2.2. The tour is considered paid only when the money paid by tour participants are at Glavs Travel account.

2.3. Letters with payment checks for the corresponding tours are to come only to the offices of Glavs Travel. Company Glavs Travel has no legal or financial responsibility for delivery of letters (with payment checks) - from the post-office to the Company's office.

2.4. After making a reservation of chosen tour and necessary payment, the tourist is given a ticket (Invoice, Vaucher) proving tourist's participation in the tour.

2.5. If the payment for the tour was sent to Glavs Travel by mail, without the actual face-to-face conversation between the Company's staff and the tourist, the tourist must agree to the Conditions and Rules of the Company's Corporaty Policy  by signing a statement of agreement with the policies of Glavs Travel. Without the tourist's signature, participation is prohibited. In this case no refunds are given to the tourists.

2.6. The Ticket (Invoice, Vaucher) explicitly states the tour name, date of departure, tour lenght, seat numbers, place of boarding, amount deposited, tour price and other information regarding the tour and company policy.

2.7. The Ticket (Invoice, Vaucher) also states the main terms of the tour and gives recommendatios to tourists.

2.8. When making reservations to participate in a tour, a company's agent informs the tourists (personaly or by phone or by e-mail) about the preliminary program of the tour, which includes: Name of tour; Lenght of tour; Date and time of departure, and the date and approximate time of arrival; Key places of visit; Key excurtion sights; etc.

2.9. Additional stop (beside the stops arranged in the tour program) is possible, upon one or several tourist's request. Upon that, the additional payment (not less than $100) is determined by the tour Company, upon agreement with the transportation company.

2.10. A representative of one or several tourists which arranges their participation in the tour receives all the necessary preliminary information intended for participants. With that, Company has no legal or financial responsibility before the tourists served by their representative.

2.11. After booking the tour (by phone, e-mail or in person at the office), tourists should be within 5 days to make advance payments (not less than 50% of tour cost or other amount as agreed the "Company"). Full payment must be made not later than:
- 15 days prior to departure in the U.S.
- 45 days before the tour start, including air or cruise.
2.12. If payment is not made in the period (2.11), "Company" reserves the right on their seats on the bus to invite other tourists, and referred to other seats for tourists where they will be made full payment. 

3. Boarding

3.1. Despite making full payment, a tourist has a right to participate in a tour ONLY when the appropriate tour ticket (Invoice, Voucher) is displayed to the Tour Director. The tour ticket must have the printed NUMBER by the Company. 

3.2. Without the proper ticket (Invoice, Voucher) before boarding the client is not consider as a tour participant. In this case Glavs Travel has no legal or financial responsibility to the client for his nonparticipation in a tour.

3.3. To pick-up the tourists the transport does not wait longer 10 (ten) minutes after the departure shown on the ticket (Invoice, Voucher).

3.4. At each stop tourists should return to the bus is strictly following to the instructions of tour director, so as not to delay the remaining participants of the tour. If tourist late more than 10 minutes the bus start moving without this tourist. Money for the missed part of the tour - not refunded. 

3.5. Tourists who are late to the boarding more than 10 minutes, will have to catch  up with the group at their own expense. In such cases, no compensation is rendered.  

4. Rules of conduct on tour.

4.1. During the tour or excursion (by any means of transportation or walking), every tourist is to follow general rules and requirements which guarantee normal and safe tours and excursions (e.g. museums visits, concerts, excursions, walk-outs, etc.). 

4.2. Upon violation of any such rules or requirements by any tourists, the Tour Director has the right to request the local officials for cooperation to solve the problems and/or to terminate the tourists' participation in the tour. No financial or other compensation is rendered by Glavs Travel to any such client.

4.3. During the tours and excursions, consumption of alcohol or food with unpleasant, unhealthly, or unsafe smells is prohibited.

4.4. Each tourist is required to maintain an acceptable level of personal hygiene throughout the entire duration of the tour.

4.5. Violation of such rules may become the cause of termination of tourists' participation in the tour. No compensation from the Company is rendered, under such violations.

4.6. Company gladly accepts and appreciates any reasonable recommendations and offers aiming at service improvements made by tourists. Company strongly recommends avoiding any unreasonable claims that fall under the rules and regulations and/or terms and conditions of the tour.


5.1. Tours operated by Russian-speaking Tour Directors - tour leaders and/or accompanying guides.

6. Transportation.

6.1. Glavs Travel provides transportation (by means of full coach busses, minibuses, vans, minivans or cars) for tours and excursions, based on the number of tourists participating. All seats are reserved in advance, no seats exchange is available. The reservation  is canceled if the payment isn't completed within 5 days.

6.2. During tours, tourists travel by means of transportation (buses, vans, airplines, etc.), which is approved for carrying passengers by appropriate state and federal transportation authorities. Interior and exterior of the means of transportation are designed based on the standards of the transportation manufacturing industry and is maintained by the owners of the vehicles in accordance with the state and federal transportation regulations.

6.3. Glavs Travel has no legal or financial responsibility, if, under circumstances beyond the Company's control, the transport means of a higher class is to be changed to a lower class (plane, bus, etc.).

6.4. "Company" will not be legal and financial responsibility, if in the process of the tour there was a breakage or a forced stop of the vehicle (plaine, train, bus, etc.), the holding of the tour is not possible for technical reasons. In such case, reimbursement of tourists' expencies is made by insurance companies, if individual insurance policies where purchased. The "Company - Tour Operator"  don't cover these expencies. 

7. Changes and tours cancellations.

7.1. "Company" has no legal or financial responsibility, if for reasons beyond the company's control, the Company must change place and/or time of boarding, seating arrangements, the tour program (postpone or cancel tours, etc.) or to transfer tourists to other tour companies, in order to fulfill the tour program. 

7.2. For this purpose, Glavs Travel insists that clients provide contact phone numbers upon making reservations for any excursion or guided tour.

7.3. In case of such changes, "Company" notifies clients no later then 24 hours prior to the beginning of the tour about possible changes like the mentioned above. 

7.4. Client has obligation to call the Company, at least 24 hours before the tour starts, - to make sure no changes occurred. 

7.5. If contact with the client cannot be established by the company, "Glavs Travel" has no legal or financial responsibility, in case the client doesn't participate in the tour.

7.6. Before the tour start tourist need to clarify the tour program at a specific date of the tour.

8. For tours that include a term "a hotel on the ocean shore, bay, lake, river, etc." in the tour discription, keep in mind that the distance from the hotel (the outside walls of the facade of the building) to the border of the rest area or a beach, a park, etc. adjacent to the body of water may stretch to but not go over 2000 feet (700 meters). 

9. Hotels.

9.1. Tourists' accommodations are in hotels or motels. The Company reservs the right to change the hotel.

9.2. "The Company" has no legal or/and financial responsibility when changing the reserved hotels, under necessary circumstances and the ones beyond "Company" control, while meeting the general requirements of the tourist hotels.

9.3. The tour director, when accommodating tourists in a hotel, distributes keys; after that, tourists are to accommodate their assigned rooms within 20 minutes. If a problem arises (rooms are not ready or occupied by other people, etc.), the tourists must immediately notify the Hotel Manager and the Tour Director for proper actions to be taken (moving to other rooms, repair, cleaning, etc.).

9.4. If during their residence in the hotel, the tourists have any problem, they should immediately notify the Hotel Manager as well as the Tour Director (personally, or via front desk clerk).

9.5. While residing in the hotel, the tourists are to follow all the hotels regulations (including check-in and check-out time).

9.6. If, under the tour terms, the tourists are to leave after the hotel check-out time, then, after the hotel check-out time, the tourists get a special room to bring their personal luggage to. After that, the tourists can use the hotel services stipulated in the tour program until the departure time.

9.7. If a tourist wishes to use other services of hotels, restaurants, resorts, spa, museum, etc., that are not stated in the tour program, the touris must personally settle all matters and questions with the hotel administration, restaurants, resorts, museum, etc..

9.9. Instances of when hotels, museums, attractions, etc. that are originaly planed for the tour group to visit and/or stay at, are under construction, renovation, etc., but are not closed for general admission by the local administration, Glavs Travel does not bear any legal or financial responsibility for the temporary inconvenience to the tourists caused by the conditions.

9.10. Tourists are accommodated, depending on the opportunities available, in hotels of a tourist class:

a). Inside the city limits;

b). In the suburbs (within 100 miles from the city limits);

c). In suburban hotels located on the route.

9.11. Hotel rooms reserved by Glavs Travel must have general comfort conditions and utilities, in accordance with the requirments for the tourist class hotels.

9.12. Glavs Travel doesn't guarantee the presence of the following in hotel rooms: shampoos, fans, coffeemakers and other equipment available in hotel rooms of a higher level, than tourist class, as well as the presence of pools, restaurants, everyday tea or coffee service, etc..

9.13. While arranging tickets (vouchers, invoices) for various tours, with an appropriate extra-payment, a tourist may request a hotel room of higher class.

9.14.  Glavs Travel has no legal or financial responsibility, if, under circumstances beyond the Company's control, there happens an electricity, cold and/or hot water, or break-off in the hotel room(s) where the tourists reside.

9.15. Glavs Travel doesn't guarantee hotel accommodations on the same floor, or in neighboring rooms, etc..

9.16. Hotel administration is responsible for assigning hotel room location, floor and other specific features of the room.

9.17. Glavs Travel bear no legal or financial responsibility, if, while accommodating groups in hotel rooms, some defects or malfunctions occur (rooms are not ready, equipment needs repair, etc.).

9.18. Glavs Travel reserves the right, accomodate tourists (one, several or a group) in a hotel of equal class, if there arises a problem (beyond the company's control) with the planned hotel. 

9.19. Glavs Travel bears no legal or financial responsibility, if a tourist refuses to live in the hotel rooms assigned due to person preferences.

9.20. Only hotel administrationmay approve a tourist's request for a room change, and only if rooms are available for the change. In case an additional fee is necessary, the tourists are solely responsible.

10. Accommodation in hotels.

10.1. Cost of package includes one room for two tourists.

10.2. When placing in the room for more then 2 people for 3rd and 4th tourist provides discounts (3 or 4 people posted on 2 beds).
10.3. If client pay for 2 tourists in one room availability 2 beds is guaranteed only in the following cases:

- If each tourist is issued a separate "ticket" (voucher or invoice);

- If the tourists had been warned about the need of 2 beds in the room and this requirment is stated in the invoice when you make the trip.

10.4. If a tourist wishes to reside alone in a hotel room, an additional fee is required since tour prices are subject to double occupancy.

10.5. In case the tourist travels alone, another (second) tourist must be found (with or without the help of Glavs Travel), or the tourist must make additional payment as agreed on with the Glavs Travel. Monetary compensation, if necessary, is made in accordance with the regulations of Glavs Travel.

10.6. If a tourist. traveling alone, doesn't wish to make the additional payment to reside in a single-room, another single tourist is found to share a double-room with. 

10.7. Glavs Travel holds no legal or financial responsibility for a tourist's refusal to reside with another based on race, age, personal hygiene, nationality, snoring, etc.


13. Responsibility of the parties, insurance.

13.1. The company Glavs Travel strongly recommends that all travelers (tourists) purchase insurance, including reimbursement in the event of inability to participate in the tour for any reason or if tour canceled. It is also recommended to buy medical insurance when visiting the U.S., Canada and abroad, baggage insurance in case of losses, reimbursement due to accidents during the tour, flight delays or flight cancellations, and others. Information on the conditions of insurance can be obtained at any office or your insurance broker.

13.2. Company Glavs Travel assumes no legal and/or financial liability, if during the tour and trip have an accident with one or more tourists (injury, loss of healts, life, etc.). All these cases where covered  by tourist's insurance or insurances appripriate subcontractors, depending on where the accident occurred (the territory of settlements, museums, buses, vehicles, restaurants, hotels, shops, streets and square of the cities, parking spaces, etc.).

13.3. "Company" assumes no legal and/or financial liability, if during the tour participated tourists becomes impossible due to absence of necessary entry documents in the country, which needed for tourists. The presence of such documents is the personal responsibility of every tourist.

13.4. "Company" shall not be liable for loss of baggage or other property, for the demage to health or life - caused by sub-contractors (hotels, bus companies, etc.), or in connection with other incidents during the tour.

13.5. "The Company" does not bear rhe financial and legal responsibility for goods, stuff, documents, jewelry, money, clothes, etc., left or forgotten by tourists during the tour, regardless of where it happened (in a bus, car, plane, hotel, museum, restaurant, etc.). Financial and legal aspects related to the return of any of forgotten stuff are personal responsibility onle of the tourists.

13.6. Force-majeure, including (but not limited to): the forces of nature, fires, war, strikes, govermental regulations and the like, in connections with which the obligation to "Company" can not be met, revlieves the "Company" from the legal and financial liability to clients for the Tour Program.

13.7. "Company" reserves the right to change prices for ground service declared tours when changing the ratio of exchange rates, the countries against the U.S. dollar. When changing currency exchange rates tourists should make a surcharge.

- In case of refusal to do so tourists returns made for the tour money minus the penalty amount $200 from each tourists for the cancellation of the trip.

- If this money on airfares, cruises, etc., do not return because are non-refundable.

13.8. Insurance that covers the costs associated with any accidents in the tour, loss or delay of baggage, medical expenses, delays or cancelation of flights and so on, tourists can buy at the office of Glavs Travel or insurance brokers.

14. Refusal of the Tour Participation.

14.1. In case of refusal to participate in the tour (without flight and/or cruise) provides:

- if notification is made 31 days or more prior, full refund is given, less actual costs incurred and payments;

- if notification is made 30 to 15 days prior, refund 50% of the price, minus of actual costs incurred and payments;

- if notification is made 14 to 8 days prior, refund 25% of the price, minus of actual costs incurred and payments;

- if notification is made 7 days or less prior - no refund. 

 Note. Items works except in the case of insurance, p. 14.11. In this case - no refund.

 14.2. In case of refusal to participate in the tour with flights or cruises:

- if notification is made 61 days or more prior, full refund is given, minus of actual costs incurred and payments;

- if notification is made 60 to 31 days prior, refund 50% of the price, minus of actual costs incurred and payments;

- if notification is made 30 days or less prior - no refund is made.

14.3. Upon cancellation of tourists participate in the tour with partial or full payment, which includes the cost of flights, cruise and other travel services (not provided a return), refund shall be in accordance with p.40.1 and after deducting the cost of purchase tickets etc..

14.4. If rhe tourist only paid a deposit before canceling a reservation, then the reimbursed amount is calculated in accordance with the Company's rules and the deposited amount (mentioned in the p.39.1, p.40.1, p.41.1.).

14.5. All tourists cancellations must be made in writting and mailed to the "Company" at the address: 3171 Coney Island Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11235.

14.6. Notifications must be notarized. Along with the notification necessary to send the original ot the tickets, vouchers, ...

14.7. The money to be returned must be sent to the tourists by "Company" within 45 days after receiving a written notice of cancellation.

14.8. Discussions about tour cancellation, resheduling, reimbursements, etc. are held only with the tourists who paid for the tout (whose names are on the tickets), or with anyone who has Power of attorney.

14.9. To discuss such matters, the tourists whose names are on the tickets (vouchers, invoices), are to come to the Office or send an appropriate letter, signed by Pablic Notary.

14.10. In case of insufficient number of tourists for the actual trip (this number is determined by the "Company"), the Company reserves the right to postpone or cancel the tour. 

14.11. Trip cancellation, health, accident, travel delay, baggage loss or delay - insurance is strongly recommended.

14.12. If during a tour, a tourist requires medical attention, the tour director or guide cal only assist the tourist in obtaining transportation to the hospital, but the tour will continue as scheduled. Any fees associated with transportation to the hospital are the sole responsibility of the tourist.

14.13. Without the travel protection plan, the tourist must pay for any missed services and medical assistance that the insurance might have covered.

15. Glavs Travel is acting as a mere agent in selling travel-related services or in accepting reservations or booking for services that are not directly supplied by this  travel agency (such as air and ground transportation, hotel accommodations, meals, tours, cruises, etc.). This agency, therefore, shall not be responsible for breaches of contract or any unintentional or careless actions or omissions on part of such supplierrs, which may result in any loss or demage, delay or injury to you or your travel companions or group members, unless the term "guaranteed" is specifically stated in writing on your tickets, invoice, or reservation itinerary, we do not guarantee any of such suppliers' rates, bookings, reservations, connections, scheduling, or handling of personal effects. Glavs Travel shall not be responsible for any injuries, demages or losses caused to any travelerin connection with terrorists activities, social or connection with terrorists activities, social or labor unrest, machanical or constraction failures or difficulties, local laws, climatic conditions, abnormal conditions or developments or any other actions, omissions or conditions beyond the "Company" control. Traveller assumes complite and full responsibility for, and hereby releases the agent from any duty of checking and verifying any and all passports, visas, vaccinations, or other entry requirements of each destination, and all safety or security conditions at such destinations, during the length of the proposed travel. For information concerning possible dangers at international destinations, contact the Travel Advisory Section of the U.S. State Department - 202.647-5225. For medical information, call the U.S. Public Health Service - 301.443-2403. By embarking on his/her travel, the traveler voluntarily assumes all risks involved in such travel, whether expected or unexpected. Traveler is hereby warned of such risks and is advised to obtain appropriate insurance coverage against them. Traveler's retention of tickets, reservations, or bookings after issuance shall constitute a consent to the above, andan agreement on his/her part to convey the contenst hereto to his/her travel companions or group members. The agency reserves the right to charge a penalty in the event of cancellation.

16. "Company" bears no legal or financial responsibility in case the weather conditions (rains, radical air and water temperature changes, storms, hurricanes,, etc.) before the tour or during it, are different from those expected by tourists. 


17.1. "Company", rendering, on some occacions other tourist and travel companies, businesses, organizations, resorts, clubs, hotels, restaurants, museums, exhibitions, etc., as well as representing other creative individuals, groups, etc., doesn't bear any legal or financial responsibility under any changes in their programs or activity, or unsuitable/improper quality of their performance, programs, concerts ant etc., for spectators which got those programs presented to them, paid or free.

17.2. On some occasions, "Company", acting as an agent, sells tickets for other organizations & entertainment events (agencies, companies, hotels, resorts, etc.). In such occasions, the "Company" supplies all interested tourists (upon their request) with all necessary information about the event (about organizers, programs, places, etc.), giving addresses and phones, etc.. "Company" bears no financial or legal responsibility for all aspects of the event that are beyond the "Company's" control (organization, program, quality, etc.). 

17.3. In case claims concerning those events arise, they should ONLY be addressed to the administration of these events. "Company" bears no financial or legal responsibility with those who bought these tickets.

17.4. In case claims arise concerning the tours organized and conducted by the "Company", the "Company" reserves the right to answer these claims within 30 days.

17.5. The "Company" is considering a complain to the 3 aspects:

          - Implementation of the Tour Program (full or partial),

          - Provision of sevices in the tour (hotels, transportation, guide service, etc.)

          - Other.

With full implementation of the Program and providing all the services under the Program - compensation is not provided.

18. Tour-Director. In each excursion tour/trip, "Company" is represented by the Tour Director, whose responsibilities include:

- meeting tourist;

- representing himself/herself and the "Company";

- checking up tourists' tickets;

- checking tourists' seating arrangement in transportation means (plane, bus, etc.);

- informing the tourists about the tour schedule/program, hotels, stops for breakfast, lunch, etc., as well as about rest areas, etc.;

- organization of technical stops (every 2-3 hours);

- organization of meals during the tour for tourists (purchasing of food and its paymentis made by tourists themselves);

- accommodating tourists in hotels;

- organization & arrangement of excursion tours (including excursions that involve walking, any means of transportation, visiting museums, exhibitions, etc.);

- the visual appearance of the tour's conductor is expected to meet the general standard of "casual attire", as well as the specific criteria set forth be "Company". The level of participation for conducting a tour by a tour guide is governed by criteria set forth by "Company"; 

- if a Tour Director (guide) is unable to accompany the group on a scheduled tour for reasons beyond his or her control, the group will proceed on with the tour, while the "Company" makes all necessary arrangements to conduct the scheduled tour.

 19. MEALS.

19.1. "Company" has no legal or financial responsibility in cases of poisoning during meals in service area, hotels, museums, etc..

19.2. The quality and assortment of food and the quality of food vendors in places where the tour group takes food breaks or stays overnight (hotel, museum or rest area food vendors) is the responsibility of the management of those organizations, and is regulated by the appropriate food industry standards.

19.3. "Company" bears no legal and financial responsibility in the following cases:

a). If the quality and the assortment of food available from vendors referenced in p.19.2 does not meet the expectations, tastes or requirements of the tourists.

b). If during a tour, a food poisoning occurred as a result of purchasing food form a type of a food vendors listed in p.19.2. 

19.4. For additional fee, determined on the case-by-case basis "Company", a tourist may wish to have special dietary arrangements made during the tour. Under these arrangements, the "Company" will be responsible to make every effort to meet the requirments for the type, quality and assortments of food types throughout the whole length of the tour.

19.5. The tourists are required to submit requests for special dietary arrangements, referenced in p.19.4, no later than 14 days prior to the beginning of the tour.

19.6. "Company" is not responsible for meals quality (at stops, in hotels, restaurants, etc.) that doesn't correspond to tourists' tastes.

19.7. While organizing meals in hotels, restaurants, resorts, clubs, rest areas, etc. one should keep in mind the following:

- 3 meals are served only when tourists stay from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. (if provided by the tour program);

- in case of tourists' late or earlier arrival, a partial meals program is to be scheduled (either lunch, or dinner, or breakfast, or lunch with dinner, or breakfast with lunch, etc.).

20. The Company bears no legal or financial responsibility, if, on the day of an excursion/tour or during the trip, under circumstance beyond the company's control (military action, police action, accidents, terrorist attacks, diseases etc.), the tour can't be fulfilled.

21. Upon client's request, Company purchases packages for tourist excursion trip organized and conducted by other tour company, a special notice (sign) is printed on the ticket (voucher, invoice). In case such tour doesn't take place, Glavs Travel bears no legal or financial responsibility, except return of the money paid.

22. The "Company" bears no legal or financial responsibility in the event that the sequence of numbers and/or the position of seats in a bus (or any other means of transportation) during a tour do not agree with those that were planned prior to the trip.



a. overflight from New York to the country of designation and vice versa (if is not indicated another); 
b. stay in the double ocupance rooms (with one or two beds) in the hotels of tourist class with the conveniences in the rooms. Note: check in the European hotels is produced not early 14:00, check out -  at 11:00; 
c. daily breakfasts. The dinners or suppers are included in some cases (see voucher, program discription);
d. excursion service in the Russian language according to the annonced program (see voucher, program discription);
e. transfers and excursions in the comfortable tourist buses;
f. entrance tickets into the museums according to the annonced program (see voucher, program discription);
g. local taxes, if another is not indicated.
Note: Glavs Travel (further: Agency) has the right to select airline and flights,  if necessary make the corrections into the program of tours, which do not influence the volume of the allowed services.


a. entrance visas (if it is necessary)
b. stay in the single ocupation room;
c.  tourist insurance policy;
d. all additional excursions and events, entrance tickets into the museums (if their cost is not included in the cost of tour) and the transfers in municipal transport; 
e. replacement or the order of additional dishes, alcoholic, nonalcoholic beverages and of mineral water in the restaurants, where the nourishment of group is achieved;
f. tips in the restaurants, the hotels, for the tray of luggage, to the drivers of buses, to local guides and to the leader of group;
e. transfers Airport-Hotel-airport if client arrives flying into the country (it departs from the country) of designation to or after the arrival of basic group;
g. any changes in the dates of departure and arrival, different from the dates, annonsed by agency, which are produced at will client.


- different reductions (to the child of up to 11 years inclusively, for the arrangement of the third and/or fourth person in the number, etc) are provided in each individual case.


- with the order of stage client must acquire tourist insurance policy. The selection of insurance company is given to judgement client. In the case of failure of the acquisition of insurance policy, the client allows to agency notification in writing about the failure. The absence of this statement implies that the client completely bears responsibility with the offensive of the insurance cases;
- Agency does not bear responsibility for loss and/or damage of luggage, theft, the loss of tourist documents, passports, airline tickets.


- for the participation in the trip abroad is necessary the presence of the acting passport, real, as a minimum, 6 months on the day of the beginning of journey;
- for those, who are not the citizens of the USA, is necessary obtaining entrance tourist visas. Some countries require the formulation of entrance tourist visa for the citizens of the USA;
- for obtaining the visas client is obligated to in advance turn into the consulate general of the corresponding countries. Client completely bears responsibility for timely obtaining of entrance tourist visas;
- in certain cases agency for the additional charge, which includes consular fees and services of agency, can render assistance in obtaining of entrance tourist visa.


1. The forms of payment
- payment available: by personal bank check, “money-orders” by credit cards. Bank checks and “money-orders” are extracted to the name: Glavs Of travel;
- payment with cash and credit cards is produced directly in the offices of agency.
Note: in the special cases  payment with credit cards avalable out of the offices of agency, the client fills the special form, assured by notary;
- Agency accepts credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express.
2. Deposit
- with the order of tour client must during 5 work days ipay a  deposit  not less than 200 dollars. The payment of  deposit means that the client is agree with the data by conditions and by rules it assumes them completely.
3. Final payment
- final payment (ransom) of the tour is produced not later, than 60 days prior to the beginning of the trip (to the separate tours 76 days prior to the beginning of trip). Penalty $35 in the case of "bad" bank check.
With  final payment the agency not later than 5 work days (if are not stipulated other periods) prior to the beginning of tour gives each client a tourset,  containing voucher (pass), airline ticket and “the printout” of air route.


- with the failure from the tour for 60 or less  days (for the separate tours for 75 or less  days) to the provided date of tour, the agency retains 100% of the cost of the tour.
The sanctions pointed out above they adapt also in the cases:
- if after the reservation of place and introduction of depozit client produces the following changes: the shift of the date of tour, a change in the route. Data of change are considered as failure of the trip;
- nonreceipt during period up to the beginning of the tour of the entrance visa and impossibility for this reason to participate in the tour is not base for the recovery to the client of all  payments and is considered as failure of the trip.


- with the forced cancellation by the agency of the annonsed trip and/or the significant shift of date after the client has a right to redserve a place to the same tour with other dates or any other foreign tour.
If client rejects the transfer of date or change in the route, Agency completely returns the cost of tour to client.
- Agency acts as the mediator between the tourists and the organizations, which allow the tourist services: by airlines, sea and other  transportation  companies, by hotels, by restaurants, tour operators, etc. Agency does not  responsible for the losses, which the client can carry as a result the actions of the organizations named above. In these cases the client has the right directly to require the compensation for damage in the organizations named above;
- with the occurrence of an event, qualified as “force majeur” (event of the insurmountable force: military actions, strikes, floods, earthquakes it is other), as a result of which for the sides is impossible the conducting and/or participation in the annonsed and completely paid tour, the means, paid by clients, do not return, but can be transferred for  any other foreign tour agencies.


- Agency leaves a right to introduce changes in the [annonsed prices of tours, connected with the course  of local currencies with respect to the US dollar.


- all wishes and complaints on organization and conducting of tour are accepted in the written form to the name of Glavs Travel during 15 days after the end of tour. Agency examines letters during 30 days after obtaining;
- Judicial actions to the Agency can be examined only in the territory of New York during of 6 months from the date of conducting  tour. 
 - The Company deals with complaints on the 3rd components:
      - Program of the tour;
      - the provision of the Program (hotels, transportation, food, etc);
      - other.
A full implementation of the Program and providing all services under the Program - compensation is NOT provided for.

Resorts & Spa

In case  of cancellation or the changes in the  order  the pay in the size of 35 dollars is collected for the failure of the order from each person plus any penalties, accepted in the company, where you acquired services. With the failure of the acquired airline tickets and the packets of services the money not return, with exception of the cases of those of specially stipulated. Therefore we imperatively recommend the acquisition of insurance to your journey. Clients must thoroughly check the documents obtained by them for the services, and also everything else, connected with their journey.