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Tours Dates Duration / Price Comments
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Spain - Portugal and Santiago de Compostela from Madrid

on fridays

9 days

 Madrid- Santiago de Compostela-Lisbon-- Porto-Coimbra-Fatima- -Sintra - Tomar-Madrid

                      SPAIN   - PORTUGAL     AND  SANTIAGO  DE  COMPOSTELA

 For more detailed tour program and pricing please  switch over to  RUSSIAN  VERSION          

Day 1 Depart  the US  for Madrid

Day 2 Arrive  Madrid , transfer to  hotel. Overnight in Madrid

Day 3 Breakfast . Panoramic city tour  of Madrid , transfer by  train to Santiago de Compostela,overnight in hotel

Day 4 Breakfast .  Excursion  Santiago de Compostela ,transfer Porto. Overnight  in Porto.

Day 5  Breakfast.  transfer Koibra and Fatima.  overnight  in Fatima .

Day 6 Breakfast.transfer Marfa and after than arrival to  Lissbon overnight  in Lissbon.

Day 7 Breakfast . Tour to Sintra. Overnight  in Lissbon..

Day 8. Breakfast. Tour to Obidush,Alcobasa,trip to Tomar.Transfer by overnight train to Madrid  appr 22-30

DAY 9 Arriaval in Madrid Transfer to airport.



  The tour price includes:

  •  all breakfasts,
  •   lodging  in  hotels ,
  •  excursions with Russian guides  per tour program

The tour price does not include :

  •  international flights ,
  • insurance,
  •  all extras marked by *,
  •  tips to   drivers  and guides.



 Attention! The tour program described  above  is  for information purpose only  and may  be  changed   for  each  tour  date   before departure .   Passport with  an  expiration  date  of  at  least  6  months past  the  tour  end  date  is mandatory.  USA citizen  do not  require visas  to  this tour   Trip  insurance is highly  recommended.         Please  take  the  time to  familiarize  yourself  with "The conditions and the rules" of our company. Thanks 



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