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TOUR - CRUISE : treasures of the emirs and sultans

January 26, 2017

10 days
$1650 +flight

  Dubai - Muscat - Khasab- Abu Dhabi- Dubai

For more detailed tour program and tour prices please switch over to RUSSIAN VERSION

Cities of the United Emirates since ancient times have beckoned with fabulous treasures, pearls, opportunities for trade and fantastic exoticism. Incredible The contrasts of this mysterious world are incredible: violent colonial history and oil wealth, the most modern architectural complexes and the most popular camel races, noisy beaches with white sand and quiet streets of old neighborhoods, the hot breath of the desert and the incredible underwater world of the Persian Gulf. The Cruise on board the modern ship "Costa Serena", includes a visit to the two states: United Arab Emirates capitals Dubai and Abu Dhabi and the Sultanate of Oman with the capital Muscat  - a great vacation and the best opportunity to become acquainted with the coast of the Persian Gulf.

Day 1 Depart the US for Dubai

Day 2 Arrive Dubai, boarding the cruise ship

Day 3 Arrive Muscat - the capital of Sultanate of Oman.

Day 4 Muscat city tour, incl Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque

Day 5 Free day, various activities possible

Day 6 Visit  Sir Bani Yas  island .

Day 7 Arrive Abu Dhabi - the capital of United Arab Emirates - the "Little New York", city tour incl the most valuable hotel in the world "Emirates Palace" and Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.

Day 8 Arrive Dubai, city tour of the Dubai center.

Day 9 Excursion to most modern Dubai buildings: Burg Khalifa - the tallest building in the world, the famous hotel Burj Al Arab etc.

Day 10 Departure Dubai for the US

The tour -cruise includes:
- 8 day cruise, full board,
- meeting in Dubai airport  on arrival and departure,
- bus tour in Muscat, Oman,
- bus tour in Abu Dhabi,
- tickets to observation deck Burj Khalifa.

The tour - cruise does not include:
- extra drinks on  the ship,
- activity, not mentioned in  the program,
- tips to guides and drivers,
- international flights.


 Attention! The tour program described  above  is  for information purposes only  and may  be  changed   for  each  tour  date   before departure .   A passport with  an  expiration  date  of  at  least  6  months past  the  tour  end  date  is mandatory.    Trip  insurance is highly  recommended.         Please  take  the  time to  familiarize  yourself with "The terms and conditions a  of our company. Thanks! 



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