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Tours Dates Duration / Price Comments
tours to Europe tours to England (UK)

Palaces and castles of the Thames Valley

starting any day

9 days
$930 + flight


               For more detailed tour program please  switch  over to  RUSSIAN  VERSION


Program for a group of friends 4 - 6 people who want to travel together, and do not like travel in large groups. Our program offers basic tour of very different  areas of London and the major attractions. Tours take place with no rush , delays and hassles typical of travel in large groups;includes  short breaks to buy souvenirs and drinks, and photo opportunities. Guided tours by licensed tour guide; he will answer all your questions, tell you how to make better use of free time to meet individual needs.Starting point is always the lobby of your hotel.
                    Price  for 1 person for a group of 6 people - $ 930.
                    Price  for 1 person for a group of 4 people - $ 1020.

                    Price  for 1 person for a group of 2 people - $ 1140 

Day 1 - Depart from the US  for London
Day 2 - Arrival  London any weekday, private transfer to the hotel by car. Information hour with a company representative, assistance with currency money and  ticket purchases; explanation of  the program, issuing information packets, maps for independent movement in London. . Overnight in London.

Day 3 - Breakfast. 09.00 -13.00 Walking Tour Royal London This walking tour and a 2-storey city bus will introduce you to the area of Westminster, once a separate town. You will see Trafalgar Square with Nelson's Column, the Houses of Parliament, which are also the royal Palace of Westminster, adjacent to Big Ben, No.10 Downing Street  ,   Westminster Abbey, the tomb of the kings of England and the place of coronation etc. The excursion includes a changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace.

13.00 Free time, the guide will tell you how and where to spend it, will help you choose a place for lunch. Overnight  in London.

Day 4 - Breakfast 09.00 - 13.00 Museums of London - National Gallery and Covent Garden. On foot and on a double decker city bus: a visit to the National Gallery for a 2 hour tour of the collection of world masterpieces,  such as Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, Botticelli, Holbein, Rubens, Caravaggio, as well as English artists such as Gainsborough, Reynolds, Constable and Turner. .
13.00 Free time . Overnight in London
Day 5 - Breakfast. 09.00 - 13.00 Old London - City and Royal Castle Tauer   A trip by double decker city bus to the medieval  Tower, standing at the entrance to the Port of London.  Tower known as a place of imprisonment and execution of the conspirators, courtiers and even queens. But it is also the Royal Palace and the Queen's private apartments are there.   From the castle to the Cathedral of St. Paul's half-hour walk on foot and by bus through the narrow medieval streets of the old center of the City of London You will be able to see and photograph the Central Bank of England, the Mansion House where  Lord Mayor of London lives. The tour ends near the Cathedral of St. Paul. Included 13.00 Free time . Overnight  in London

Day 6 - Breakfast. 09.00 - 13.00 Royal Windsor Castle. The trip by car with guide to Europe's largest Windsor Castle, the Queen's favorite home, where she spends most of the year.  Luxury collection of paintings, furniture, clocks and porcelain.
  13.00 Free time  . Overnight  in London

Day 7 - Breakfast. 09.00 - 13.00 -Royal Greenwich Palace and the Royal Observatory.   A trip to the area of Greenwich, known around the world as the birthplace and the location of the zero meridian  *( extra price) . 13.00 Free time Overnight in London

Day 8. - Breakfast. 09.00 - 13.00 Hampton Court  -  Royal Palace and Gardens.  Train ride to the palace of Hampton Court, accompanied by a guide. Hampton Court stands on the shore of the Thames on the border of London. The palace was built for centuries under the influence of continental European architecture: mainly palaces of Fontainebleau and Versailles. It is almost 500 years old, but it miraculously survived almost unchanged . * (extra price)
13.00 Free time . Overnight in London

Day 9 Breakfast . Private transfer to  airport  .

The tour price includes :

  • accomodation  in 3* hotel, BB
  • 4 excursions,
  • 2 individual transfers,

The tour price does not include :

  • extra excursions, marked by *,
  •  tips for guides and drivers,


Attention! The tour program described  above  is  for information purposes only  and may  be  changed   for  each  tour  date   before departure . A  passport with  an  expiration  date  of  at  least  6  months past  the  tour  end  date  is mandatory.  US citizens  do not  require visas  to UK.  Trip  insurance is highly  recommended.        Please  take  the  time to  familiarize  yourself with "The terms and conditions " of our company. Thanks! 



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