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tours to England (UK)
 Capital London

United Kingdom (UK) is located in the Atlantic Ocean, off Northwestern coast  of Europe. Area 94 300 sq. mi. 
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 Carrency Pound sterling (GBP)= 100 penses. 1GBP = $1.63 (Jan 2010)
 Population 60,95 mln. (2007). 82% English, Scotish 9.6%, Irish 1.4%, Welsh 1.9%, Ulster 1.8%
 Local time 5 hours ahead of New-York time
 Electrical Voltage

230V, 50Hz

 Visa reqierment

No visa  needed for US citizens.

 National cuisine

Climate is  moderate  oceanic,  soft, and  moist (more moist in North Ireland, in Scotland - colder and drier). Weather in essence is formed with warm oceanic current Gulf Stream. Coldest month - January (from +38ºF to +45ºF), the warmest - July (from +52ºF to +63ºF). Annual amount of precipitation 24-30", their large part falls out since September until January in the form rains, are frequent the fogs. Northeast of the island - coldest region, while London region, southeast and Westland - warmest regions of the country. The least suitable months for the visit into the country - since November until February, March and October are already sufficiently warm, but are still very dank. Since April until September - better time for the visit, as in connection with relative to grow prettier by weather, so also with the discovery of tourist season and majority of sights.


Stores work from 9.00 to 17.30, large - to 20.00 during the weekdays, from 9.00 to 12.00 on Saturday. Sunday - closed. With the purchase it is possible to require recovery [NDS] (in the majority of goods it composes 17,5% it enters into selling price), if in last two years you were visited in the countries the European Union not more than 365 days. Taking into account brokerage to recovery it is subject to 14,89%. Necessary for the recovery sales tax the minimum volume of purchases is not legally established, but usually stores establish the minimum in the size from 30 to 100 pounds. Goods must be exported from the country during 90 days from the day of purchase, and on the check there must be the customs die (stamp), entered with the departure from the European Union. Compensation usually reveals in the form check or is transferred to the calculation. The payment of available is possible in the points of recovery sales tax in the airports.