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tours to Zimbabwe
 Capital Harare

Zimbabwe is located  in  Southestern Africa, bordered by Botswana on the West, Zambia on the North, Mozambique on  the East, South Africa on the South. Area 150 800 sq. mi.

 Carrency Zimbabwe dollar (ZWD) 1ZWD = $0.0028 (Jan 2010)
 Population 12, 58 mln. (2007) Shona 80%, Ndelele 17%,English 2%
 Local time 7 hours ahead of New-York time
 Electrical Voltage

240V, 50Hz

 Visa reqierment

Visa is required for US citizens ($30 in cash, in any Zimbabwe airport).

 National cuisine

The climate of the northern part of the country is subequatorial, and southern - tropical. Nature presented to Zimbabwe one of the very mild climatees on the planet, which is famous by warm and pleasant weather. For the central plateau, although evenings it is here cool, and into the winter season, since May until August, sometimes occur frost. Even into the summer season since November until March of temperature they do not exceed 80º F in the day time and 60º F- into the night. Average temperature in winter composes 65º F. The large part of the year humidity is low. Sediments fall out in the warm months (since November until April) and are characterized by special intensity in the mountains. In some regions is outlined the scarcity of sediments, for example, in the area ofLimpopo river average annual amount of precipitation it does not exceed 1".


Basic purchases in Zimbabwe - these are souvenirs. On the largest Zimbabwe market the Mbare Musika (Harare), and also in the region of waterfall Victoria are always proposed the goods, prepared by local skillful individuals. Tourists acquire there inexpensive souvenirs, clothing, medicinal grasses.