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tours to Slovakia
 Capital Bratislava

Slovakia is located in the East Europe, bordered by  Poland on the North, Ukraine on the East, Hungaria on the South, Austria and Czechia on the West. Area - 18 932 sq. mi.

 Carrency Euro = 100 cents. 1Euro = $1.44 (Jan 2010)
 Population 5.939 mln (2008). Slovaks 85.5%, hungarians 9.5%
 Local time 6 hours ahead of New-York Time
 Electrical Voltage

230V, 50Hz

 Visa reqierment

No visa needed for US sitizens. 

 National cuisine

Climate of the Slovakia is  - moderate continental. The coldest month is  January -29ºF, most warm in July and August, +70ºF. At the most elevated places the snow is held 130 days in the year.


Regardless of the fact, you will prefer large commercial centers, urban markets or small stores, you always can find that which to you is necessary both in the large and in the small cities.
The majorities of stores in Slovakia during the week-days are opened from 9:00 to 18:00, on Saturday  to midnight. Commercial centers are opened during the entire week from 9:00 to 21:00. In the commercial centers you can pay both by available and credit maps. They assume also in the majority of small stores.
Unambiguously it is possible to say that the best commercial- entertaining centers in Slovakia are located in the capital - Bratislava. The most popular centers include: Polus City Centre, Aupark, Avion, Tatracentrum, the commercial centers Danubiana and Soravia Shopping Palace. But that specifically you can find in these centers? Stores of such brends  as, for example, Piere Cardin, Swarovski, Tom Tailor, Follie Follie, Trussardi, Sisley, Mango, Adidas. O of course there are located also the services of the exchange of currency, bank services, services for the amateur photographers, the drugstore, restaurants, cafe, multiple screen film auditoriums.
But that, in particular, it is possible to bring from Slovakia? You will permit advising to you: articles of people artistic creation among the souvenirs, which you can bring from Slovakia, the greatest popularity enjoy: the dolls, dressed in the national suits; ceramics; article made of the tree (spoon, the musical tools) article made of the leather; article made of the cloths (tablecloth with the embroidry, the pillow, national suits). Articles made of the maize of wrapping and wire are very popular.  Not only by folklore and in national traditions is rich Slovakia. The amateurs of wine and good beverages will obtain pleasure with the purchase of faults from the slovakian viticulture regions.  It cannot be forgotten that besides the production of faults and qualitative strong alcoholic beverages, Slovakia is also the producer of beer. The most known types of beer include Topvar, Zlatý Bažant, Šariš, Corgoň, Gemer and Martiner. If in your family there are sweet teeth, you can them gladden by the outstanding slovakian chocolate "Figaro". The typical slovakian gastronomical delicacies include also the cheeses and articles made of the cheese.