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tours to Japan
 Capital Tokyo

Japan  is located  at Sea  of  Japan, off the East Coast  of Asia. The biggest  islands are:   Hokkaido, Honsu, Kyushu, Shikoku.  Area - 145 800 sq. mi.

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 Carrency Yen (JPY). $1=91.21 Yen (Jan 2010)
 Population 127 434 000 (2007)
 Local time 14 hours ahead of New York time
 Electrical Voltage

120 V, 50-60Hz, depend of region. 

 Visa reqierment

No visa  needed for US sitizens. 

 National cuisine

The climate of Japan is clearly  divided into four periods of year, each of which fully its own fascination. Best season for the tourism - spring and autumn.
On the north of Japan climate moderated, while in the south - subtropical and tropical monsoon. Summer is sufficiently hot in the entire country - from +87°F on the north to +100°F in the south. In summer falls out maximum amount of precipitation - from 28" on the north, to 48" - in the south, in this case the humidity of air is very high, frequent the typhoons. Average temperature is in winter sufficiently low - from +5°F on Hokkaido, to 23°F on the Is. Honshu and to +60°F in the archipelago of Ryukyu. In this case a quantity of snow sufficiently large for the such south latitudes falls out.
Better time for the visit of islands - spring (time of the flowering of [sakury]) and the end of September - the beginning of October. At this time temperature usually does not descend below  62-67°F, but the humidity of air somewhat below (although are in spring frequent cold of wind from the continent, but in autumn - the typhoons).


Purchases in Japan. Basic stores in the country are carried out beyond the limits of sleeping blocks. They are concentrated in the special regions as, for example, the center of electronics Of [akikhabara], the avenue of fashionable butiques Omotesando. Or large transport unit Sindzyuku, where not only it is above, but also is underground expanded entire commercial city.  Some supermarkets are carried out beyond the limits of city, into the suburbs. To fall in them is possible only on the automobile. In the prestigious regions, where are located foreign embassies, there are commercial centers with the European selection of goods.
The quality of goods is very high.  If the bill for of buying and selling is perfected officially, law makes possible for users to exchange perchased  goods during 8 days. For the action of law do not fall  to “pirate” goods and services. But with the replacement of goods or its recovery, even if, for example, you were disappointed in its color,  does not any problem appear.
As is known, price in Japan high. To buy some goods in Japan is not profitable.   But, sometimes traditional sales allow very high reductions. There is sense to acquire souvenirs, they completely on the pocket to average tourist.
With the purchase of clothing and foot-wear it is necessary to consider that the designations of sizes in Japan are differed from the standards, accepted in other countries both in Europe and in the USA. To most simply select the clothing of small or average of sizes. To giant or stout person it will be required to this more than time. The composition of cloth and the method of its washing, cleaning, drying and smoothing compulsorily is indicated on the clothing. On the children's things is indicated the increase, weight and age of the child, for whom one or other object or another of clothing is intended. Man jackets very conveniently are marked. For example, the type of jacket is designated by letters A, in, E and by their combinations. He indicates the relationship of the volumes of breast and waist even it orients, to the man of what completeness the jacket is cross-linked. Dimension of winch in the centimeters and in Russia. But also in the centimeters the length of sleeve.
Electronic engineering to most simply purchase it in Akikhabara region. But it is worthwhile to inquire with the purchase, for the application in what country it is calculated. In the usual stores, for example department stores, is sold the technology for the use in Japan itself. It has other technical characteristics.
Department stores work from 10:00 to19: 00, during the weekends  and holidays - from 10:00 to19: 00. Some specialized stores are opened during the holiday and  weekenda days, but they are closed during the weekdays.