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tours to China
 Capital Beijing

China is located in the East Asia, bordered by  Mongolia and Russia  on the  North, Afganistan and Pakistan on the West, Morth Korea  on the North-West, India, Nepal, Bhutan, burma, laos, and Vietnam  on the South. Area 3 700 000 sq. mi.

 Carrency Yuan (CNY)= 10 tzyao = 100 phins. $1= 6.83 CNY (Jan 2010)
 Population 1 220 mln.(2007)
 Local time 12 hours ahead of New York time
 Electrical Voltage

220v, 50Hz

 Visa reqierment

Visa  is required for  all tourists.

 National cuisine

It is natural that the climate in the different regions of this large country as China, is unequal. Thus, in January in Harbin, capital of the northeastern province Kheyluntszyan, not rarity is the temperature - 4ºF, but into Guanchzhou at this time + 60ºF. In summer a temperature differential is not so great.
In the northchinese lowland, in spite of the proximity of sea, rules continental climate. In winter, since October until March, here blow icy winds from Siberia. They sufficiently dry, thanks to which frost are transferred more easily. Short spring changes winter, and the sandstorms in April are brought down to the city. In August and September gold of leaves indicates the offensive of autumn. Are especially picturesque at this time the Sishan mountains.
However, in Shanghai the climate also somewhat different. In winter here is sufficiently hott -  the f thermometer rarely descends below zero C. But the high humidity of air (it is around the year  from 85 to 95%!) to transfer is sufficiently difficult. It is very hot and moistly here in summer, since June until August. The basic share of sediments is fallen for these months.
It is still further to the south, into Guanchzhou rules subtropical seaside climate. Average winter temperature here composes 55ºF, but the humidity of air is also completely high. It is in summer here oppressive and it is moist. Strong rains since June until September go. Frequently appear the typhoons (their name itself it originates from Chinese Da Fan - large wind), which cause in these places showers and hurricanes.
Ideal time for the trips to China - late spring, especially May, or autumn, since September until October, and in the south and November - December. Peking it is possible to visit and in winter, when summer palace is so romantically covered with snow.



The greatest demand among travellers they enjoy: carpets, wooden printed publications, the enamelled statuettes, porcelain, articles made from glass, the silk, articles made from rock,  books, Mao  images, the ancient craft works (including sculptures), treasure, medicine, musical tools, the embroidered fabrics, equipment for calligraphy and acupuncture. Goods of manual work also are very popular.
If you buy something, that appears old or looks like old, be certified that the official paper with the red press (stam) of government is applied to this goods, thus solving the export of this article.
It is good to acquire precious stones, silks, perfumes,  ceramics, the objects of Asian craftl, leather goods, antiquariate, carpets and medieval clothing. To the souvenirs usually are taken the rods for the food, the hookahs, the equipment for acupuncture, tea and others
Hours of the store work: entire week 9:00 to 19:00.

Наибольшим спросом среди путешетсвенников пользуются: ковры, деревянные печатные издания, эмалированные статуэтки, фарфор, изделия из стекла, шелка, каменные и нефритовые изделия, книги, изображения Mao, старинные произведения искусства (включая скульптуры), драгоценности, лекарства, музыкальные инструменты, вышитые полотна, принадлежности для чистописания и иглоукалывания. Также очень популярны товары ручной работы.
Если вы покупаете что-то, что является или выглядит старым, удостоверьтесь, что к этому товару прилагается официальная бумага с красной печатью правительства, таким образом разрешая экспорт этого изделия.
Хорошо приобрести драгоценные камни, шелка, духи, часы и драгоценности, керамику, предметы азиатского искусства, кожаные товары, антиквариат, ковры и средневековую одежду. На сувениры обычно берут палочки для еды, кальяны, принадлежности для иглоукалывания, чай и др.
Часы работы магазинов: всю неделю с 9:00 до 19:00.