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tours to Ukraine
 Capital Kiev

Ukraina is located in the East Europe, bordered by Russia on the North and East, Belarus on the North, Moldova, Poland, Slovakia, Hungaria,  and Romania on the West. Area -  233 090 sq. mi.

 Carrency Hryvnia (UAH), $1 = 8.11 UAH (Jan. 2010)
 Population 51.3 mln. Ukrainians 73%, Russians 22%
 Local time 7 hours ahead of New-York time
 Electrical Voltage

230V, 50Hz

 Visa reqierment

No visa needed for US sitizens ( visit  no  longer  than 3 month).

 National cuisine

There is  different landscape in the Ukraine: coastal sea regions, plains regions and mountain.  In accordance with this   tte climate is different.  In essence it moderated, predominantly continental. But on the southern shore of the Crimea - subtropical Mediterranean. Average temperatures of January vary from -17º  F on the northeast to +40º  F in the south of the Crimea, July - respectively from +65º  F to +75º  F. Sediments in the northwest fall out 24-28" per year, on the southeast - to 12", in the Crimean mountains - 40-48", in the Carpathians - to 164".


Gifts with the age-old Ukrainian coloring always valued sufficiently highly. Indeed if gift is made hands of people skillful individual, it contains entire positive power engineering of creator. Each souvenir absorbed into itself the particle of Ukrainian culture, customs, rites of ancestors. The most common Ukrainian souvenirs are guards, dolls, embroidries  [pisanki], painted plates, Ukrainian towes[rushniki], painted souvenirs (plates, matryoshkas), article made of batik and others. 
Tradition to decorate house with guards [oberegs] - the adorned  garlands, spoons and so on is  going back to the ancient Slavian peoples.

Beautiful  dolls in the national  Ukrainian suits are very  nice souvenir. Dolls are made from the tree of pine tree, from ceramics. Suits are embroidered by threads  and are decorated with the surprising ornaments of the Ukraine. Such dolls not only will decorate any place, but also they will resemble about the enviable beauty of Ukrainian girls.
The models of ancient people embroidry strike us with simplicity and laconicism, variety and artistic craftsmanship.
Ukrainian traditional pictures [pisanki], which are so popular, when in the Ukraine they observe the largest religious holiday - Easter. They are covered with drawings by oil paints.
Painted plates with the Ukrainian motives are excellent gift and the souvenir of Ukrainian culture. On the flanges we can admire the present pictures of Ukrainian way of life, holidays, nature, national suits and others
To buy souvenirs better in the stores of gifts, the small artistic salons, the large commercial centers. Small souvenir stores mayl be located also in the hotel. Good souvenirs can be acquired on the artistic varnishing days. Meanwhile the gift, purchased in the antiquarian store, can create numerous problems on the custom-house, since for its removal are necessary the special documents. It is possible to purchase souvenirs in the Duty Free stores directly at the airport, when you are going leave the Ukraine.
The most  of the food stores  to work from 8-9:00, and they are opened up to  20-21:00. The stores for  goods usually are opened somewhat later - from  10:00 till 19-20:00. Large department stores are closed approximately for 1 hour late. Longer than all work supermarkets, some of them are opened twenty-four hour. All central stores and large commercial centers usually work without the interruptions and vacations.