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tours to Brazil
 Capital Brasilia

Brazil  is located  in the Eastern half  of South America, bordered by  every nation on the  continent  exept  Chile  and Ecuador. 

(Slide show look below)

 Carrency Real (BRL)= 100 centavos. 1BRL=$0.57 (Jan 2010)
 Population About 170 mln (2003). Nobody knows exactly.
 Local time 4 time zones, one of them is the same like New-York time. Official time is Brasilias time, 1 hour ahead of New-York one
 Electrical Voltage


 Visa reqierment

Visa is required for  all tourists.

 National cuisine

 The climate of Brazil is typical for the tropical countries, strongly is distinguished by the localities from the equatorial to the subtropical. The average temperatures in summer (December- April) are +75ºF, in winter (May- November) +72ºF.  September - March is rain season, the high humidity of air. In Rio de Janeiro always moistly, since November until March - hotly, since April until September - it is cool, frequently  rainy. Most “Poor” month is July:  cold and frequently drizzles. In Amazonia dry season lasts since August  to the beginning of December, since December until April - it is very hot, rare rains, since May until July - abundant rains.


Main city for the purchases in Brazil - this, is certainly, Rio de Janeiro. For example, largest in Latin America superstore is “Barra Sshopping. Everything here is sold. Around the building, stopping at its different entrances, plies mini- train. Inside it is possible to be moved on the three-wheeled electromobile. Salesmen - benevolence itself, buyers - merriment itself.
But  what do buy in Brazil? Many jewelry articles, represented in London, Hamburg, Paris, are made in Brazil. By the way, to buy them they will go here - this is more accessible on the price than somewhere, on the average of 25%.
In Brazil among the expensive jewelry brands company H. Stern - designer of intricate adornments from the capital letter. Company itself deals outputs and with working Brazilian gems. H. Stern Of jewelers - this is more than 160 stores in the luxurious hotels, the commercial centers and duty of free throughout the world. Company, until now, gives special preference to tourmaline, amethyst and aquamarine. Collections in essence are executed in the ultramodern style. Adornments from H. Stern it is possible to see on such stars as by Jennifer Lopez, by Nicole Kidman and Celine Dion.
Brazil in the world today occupies the third place among the producers of leather articles. Mark Azaleia, Pegada, Olimpikus, Picadilly, Klin compete with acknowledged in the entire world Italian names.
Brazil is famous by woven hammocks from the bleached cotton, binding and lace.

Disks with the national music sell at every turn. Sometimes it is possible to meet very rare records.
Amateurs can acquire Indian adornments from the feathers. Musical tools: berimbau, to which assign rhythm in kapoeyre, drums (bongo) and churn drills, all this can be found on Sundays at the fair of hippy on Ipaneme (Feira  Hippie).
Will note even sport football shirts and cowards with the emblems of national composite on the football and with numbers and surnames of the dear Brazilian football players of the past and present. This is a good gift, especially for the children.
Offices of state work 9:00 to 18:00 since Monday until Friday, stores - 9:00 to 18:30 (large - to 22:00) on the week days and 9:00 to 13:00 on Saturdays, banks are opened 10:00 before 16:00 on the working days.